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December 2, 2014
It's that time of the year again!   What's every one getting!  Here are a few of my favorite sites:
  1. Gammers
  2. Brawds
  3. Crispy Threads
  4. Scoobies
  5. Grandparents

Games, Gurls, Clothing, Shoes, And Mis Abuelas.  Whats your reason for the season?  Happy Holidays!!!


This is us in 30 years...Papa is handeling them!

August 18, 2013

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LJB LIve Opening for Kirko Bangz

July 20, 2013

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Um...The Walking Dead Game...

July 9, 2013

Lee's my hero...He made so many sacrifices!!!   This game... I will remember!
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"Need For Speed" Movie... Can't Wait!!!

June 28, 2013

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Lambos...WTF... Getting One!!!

May 14, 2013

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ShangHai Auto Show...很好

May 8, 2013

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Cars, Cars, Cars!

March 12, 2013

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Lykan Hypersport Supercar | W Motors

March 1, 2013
Get Outta here, WTFreak is this... I want one of these and they area available to be manufactured as you specify...HAWT!!!

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New Future Techs! A Must Have!

December 24, 2012

Audi’s 50 mph e-bike pops wheelies, boasts WiFi

M2 electric racing motorcycle

US Navy's New Stealth Drone!

Wider 42 Expandable Yacht...One of my future Yachts!

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I was a fan of Mr. Rodman as a child.  He was one of the most charasmatic players in the NBA.  His speech was very honest to me thats why I had to post it.  The outfit typical Dennis with out the dress...lol

Fright Night Clip - "Penthouse Tour". Watch more top selected videos about: Clips, Craig Gillespie

Futbol se pasa aqui!

Futsal Skills -Robinho X Falcao. Watch more top selected videos about: Falcão, Dribbling

Land Gigs
Smoking HoTT Naomi!!!

 Spring Break Hottey Vanessa Hudgins


 OMG Beauty...ABC News Anchor In Philadelphia @ShirleenAllicot


Empowered Entertainer,Mother and Wife Beyonce!
Jennifer J-LO Lopez ...Again Baby...Happy New Year!

Sexy Sophie Monk!

A Sporty Stoic Kelly Roland

About Me

This is my new blog... designed to bring everyone (including me) up on the current "Likes" and "Trends"on the internet. Sports, Music, Fashion,Ladies... you name it!

 The Ladies...Mujers...Mulhers, Damen, 女士, Mesdames, 숙 녀,

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Jennifer J.Lo Lopez

Janet Jackson Baby!

 One Sexy Brown Fox...Anglea Basset!

Jennifer Lopez Again Baby

You asked for it....The Top 99 Women

Pole Dancer Series:  Felix Cane

 Pole Dancer Series: World Pole dancing Champ  Jenyne Butterfly!

Thick or Thin She's Sweeter the Twizzlers in Peach Schnapps!

Faith Evans

I'm Lost Without... Paula Patton!

Sexy Lady of Soul Gladys Knight!

Lady of Light Alicia Keys!

 A Real Fox... Megan Fox!

Lady Perfect  MYA!

Miss California Noelle Freeman! 

Flyest Island Beauty 2011... Rihanna

 Diddy ft. "The Truth" Christina Aguilera!

Original Dance Hall Queen...Patra!


 Brittany Spears!

 Almost Grown Up!.. Frances Bean Cobain

The daughter of Rockers  Kurt Cobain and  Courtney Love!

 Latest Transformer's Leading Lady...Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

 Lady of the Week  Cassie!

 Lady of the Week     Zoe Saldana*

 Lady of the Week Jada Pinkett Smith Happy Birthday!

 Ukrainian Lady Group FRESH... Muy Caliente... Estan Bonitas... sí... Verdad!

 Groupa Fresh! "Captain"

 Fly Candy of the Week!

Fly Mom Candy of the Week... Halle Berry!

Girl of the Week! 

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