LJB is a new innovative artist  aiming to evolve  talent and performance as we know it.  He excels at several different aspects of entertainment craft including: being a male vocalist, actor, choreographer/dancer, producer, and writer.    

    He received his first national air time on  MTV's "Direct Effects" as a dancer. On the set of "Direct Effects" LJB met a FUBU/Windmill Street Records executive who wagered him a deal singing references for a young Chris Brown's demo.  After recording the demo he booked a gig opening up for Dave Hollister, Pink, and Avant at the NBA All Star Weekend. 

LJB has performed all over the U.S and is coming to a town near you.  In the meantime stay tuned and check out  the tunes below.


--Note: Please, listen to demos with high quality

head phones or speakers  for supreme

listening enjoyment!


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Miami Heat 


Demo 2: Mi Pasado Acordarse

 Demo 3: "LJB I Am"


Naked Remix 

Kevin McCall Ft. LJB 

*Double Espresso

Amp Mix*



Land Gigs

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